„So please don’t let on, you don’t know me.“

»I made you laugh, I made you cry
I made you open up your eyes
Didn’t I?

I helped you open out your wings
Your legs and many other things
Didn’t I?

Am I the greatest bastard that you know?
The only one who let you go?
The one you hurt so much you cannot bear?

Well, we were good when we were good
When we were not misunderstood

You helped me love, you helped me live
You helped me learn how to forgive
Didn’t you?

I wish that I could say the same
But when you left, you left the blame
Didn’t you?

Am I the greatest bastard that you met?
The only one you can forget
Am I the one your truth’s been waiting for?

Or am I just dreaming once again?
Some dreams are better in the end

I just woke in bed
And you were in my head.
I was underground
And in a dream,
Past this place I’m not supposed to be
And you were there waiting for me.
And with a smile you said:
„It’s been a while“
You asked if I had seen her recently

Am I the greatest bastard that you know?
When will we learn to let this go?
We’ve fought so much we’ve broken all the charts.
But letting go is not the same
As pushing someone else away

So please don’t let on you don’t know me.
Please don’t let on that I’m not here.
Please don’t let on you don’t love me
‚Cause I know you do
I know you do

Damien Rice: The Greatest Bastard

Über Red Skies Over Paradise

»Das Leben ist nie etwas, es ist nur die Gelegenheit zu einem Etwas.» - Friedrich Hebbel
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