„But this is only happening in my mind.“

»In this old cafe
I come here everyday and watch you
I watch you
sometimes I hear your voice
over all the noise you bleed through
and I hear you

people say love is hell
a shiny prison cell where time stops
but the door’s unlocked
now you’re apart of me
trust me I’ve tried to leave
I’ve tried to walk
but I’m all talk

slowly all the faces turn to yours
like no one else exists anymore
I’d talk to you if only I could speak
and I’d dream of you if I could fall asleep

then I stand up and go talk to you
you start to smile like you want me to
and we stay together for the end of time
but this is only happening in my mind«

Jon McLaughlin: If I Only I

alternativ: https://youtu.be/LDIPtCdFSC0

Über Red Skies Over Paradise

»Das Leben ist nie etwas, es ist nur die Gelegenheit zu einem Etwas.» - Friedrich Hebbel
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