„Ich sehe zu viele Kinder in der Stadt, die sterben. Streit in den Straßen, eine Verschwendung des Lebens. Weil er durch die Kugel starb oder mit einem Messer erstochen worden ist.“

»If love a was a thing a me say money could a buy
The rich man would a live a me say poor man would die
If peace a was a thing they would a keep upon the earth
Happiness abundant a unity would give birth
In a hungry nation yes you get a hungry people
That is mentally cripple and that kind of always
Gunshot and fire in a South Africa
And the youth them a suffer in a Dominica

Peace I got a plea for calling
I see too many kids in the city falling
In the streets it’s strife a waste of life
Cuz he died by the bullet or he’s stabbed with a knife
But yo it ain’t no way to go
You can’t kill the next man just to get the dough
We gotta fight tonight but we gotta fight right
Can’t fight for the dough we gotta fight to unite

In America the crack a take over
Robber shot Peter Tosh in Kingston Jamaica
Me no joke me no play me no just start
Respect Abu-Baka respect Mandela
Bob Marley intelligent Rasta
Singing for world peace is Mr Stevie Wonder
If you live by the gun a you will perish by the God
And when Jah-Jah time come in Babylon

We need O-N-E L-O-V-E U-N-I-T-Y before we all die
But you don’t listen you don’t understand
Still kicking the bullshit tryin‘ to be the man
Why you wanna go and do your old piece
Cuz we’re all rough and we’re from the streets
You gotta go against the man with ya corporation
Get an education to rebuild the nation

Maybe one day we’ll be united
And our love won’t be divided«

Prince Ital Joe feat. Marky MarkUnited

Über Red Skies Over Paradise

»Das Leben ist nie etwas, es ist nur die Gelegenheit zu einem Etwas.» - Friedrich Hebbel
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