„Stärkt euren Geist, damit ihr der harten Pestilenz trotzen könnt.“

» Di world is in trouble
Wooyyy wooyyy what’s happening heree
Yeahh million pow pow genkleman
(see dem a violate)
A wah do dem yahh
(feed your mind with hate)
Too much fightin and fussin a gwaan
Oh gosh hey yo weh mi tell dem seh

Hey let mi talk to dem
Yo yuh hear mi now
Hey million stylezz

Well too much madness a gwaan that a evidence
What dem a promote mi seh what dem a di represent
Dem fi know seh jah jah message ?
Strenghten your mind so you can face hard pestilence
Million and genkleman protect di innocents
Satan deh follow dem a move too sicky dem
Nah run nah par no stick with dem
Fyah bun di wicked demm

Take a stop, wait a minute
What is play on the radio
And di youth dem have it all a bonx inna dem stereo
Dem cyan have no nothing dem only want to be a rodeo
Righteous track from the studio
Educate dem with knowledge and we tell dem what dem have to know
Open up some options show dem weh dem have to go
We extend your horizon and let your ability grow
A so we go

Each and every time we waitt
Seems like time we waste. got we listening for something
We stay dung hear nothing throw a stone inna the sky
It might fall back inna your face

See dem a violate
Feed your mind with hate
Too much fightin and fussin
Mi tired of your cussin
Positivity a di only way

Yo hear mi now
All di teachings that we give you seems seh pass it
Weh you buy and a you take it a task it
Way we have a question and now we askin
Why you give di youths dem wata inna basket

From you get di message then you should nah loss it
Tek weh di negativity and you cross it
They only waan to see di youths dem inna casket
Dont pick up di gun and blast it
How long we did a tell you bout di tings we do
Put a smile upon your face all when you feelin blue
Do good tings and good will follow you through
Cut and go through
You know what they say and you know seh it feels too
You ovastand from you a something really new
Mi seh wise up nah gwaan like nuh fool

Help is on the way
Dont wait too long now
Cause the music what we bringing up
Di vibes and it is ringing in the ears of many
Help is on the way
Dont wait too long now
Cause the music what we bringing up
Di vibes and it is ringing in the ears of many «

Gentleman Help

Über Red Skies Over Paradise

»Das Leben ist nie etwas, es ist nur die Gelegenheit zu einem Etwas.» - Friedrich Hebbel
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