„I already knew you would be nothing but a trouble“

» Oh oh she a good girl at home but
her skirt goes up like Marilyn Monroe’s
Papa likes the drama mama hotter then lava

She rocking high heels Prada her face like Madonna
By the way she moved got me making a puddle
Baby I already knew you would be nothing but a trouble
Damn it everybody knows she never loved for real
Honey bunny up all night wannabe couplegoals queen

I know you ‚bop-whop-a-lu bop‘ on his wood bamboo when
you were still seeing me and well he didn’t even knew hmmm…
But God damn it come and count to three now sit down GGY I’m on fire

Come and lie to me
Lie to me oh baby come a little closer
Lie to me
Lie to me oh baby lean upon my shoulder
Lie to me

Get down on my body and love me like it was always meant to be
Now you love somebody new I always knew
So come and give it to me
When the beat dropped she dropped
Dropped it like its hot and now without a
second thought she got me doing what I’m not
Then it got heavy
Mom I’m feeling home already but steady
Plenty motherfuckers wanna eat my spaghetti

Then she got one of my friends
She got him dripping on wood
I know it hurt so bad but it feels so good
Quit sweet talking me now baby I don’t give a fu*k you
should have thought about me before you fu*ked him at the club

You know I like it
When you lie lie lie
You look so good
When you lie lie lie
Set my camel in the mood… when you lie «

Mikolas Josef
Lie to Me


08.05.2018 | Erstes Halbfinale
10.05.2018 | Zweites Halbfinale
12.05.2018 | Finale

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